Exercise 2: Content briefs

Exercise 2: Hypothetical topics


Put together a brief outline of two (2) topics you would hypothetically want to pursue for educational content under the Syntax brand.

Each topic should have a 1-3 sentence description, a few bullet points explaining who the video is for, what value the audience will get, why you think it’s a good candidate topic, etc.

The goal is for us to get a sense of what you’re interested in, and gauge your ability to ideate and create a plan.

Topic 1: Drizzle ORM

Drizzle is the TS-minimimalist’s ORM.
If you want the safety of a TypeScript ORM, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with SQL, Drizzle is for you.

Title options

🌶️ SpicyIs Drizzle raining on your ORM??Urgency
🍚 MildFINALLY, type-safe SQL!Relief
🍚 MildWhy Drizzle is my new famorite TypeScript ORMEnthusiasm
🥱 LiteralDrizzle ORM: A tutorial on type-safe SQLInformative
Intermediate+ full-stack developers who love TypeScript.

Value/Viewer outcome:

  • Experience fresh simplicity of Drizzle’s minimalist design.
  • Witness type-safe SQL (and autocomplete) in action.
  • Learn the term “data frameworks” as Drizzle’s self-defined differentiator from “historical” ORMs.
  • Bonus: Secure increasingly pendantic takes to fuel reddit rants — the dream of all senier-striving developers._

Take it further
If this did well in short form, I’d pitch a longer form video on the topic.

  • Drizzle ORM: A Crash Course in Type-Safe SQL
  • Drizzle or Rain? What every ORM may get wrong…
  • TypeScript ORM Battle: Drizzle vs Prisma

My take I think Drizzle is great. I love libraries libraries that hold transparency as a design contstraint. Learn Drizzle, get better at SQL. I love it and just feel like this is a fun conversation to take part in.


ORM stands for object relational mapping, and developers tend to call Django-like or Spring-like tools an ORM. We trully believe it’s a misconception based on legacy nomenclature and we call them data frameworks.

With data frameworks you have to build projects around them and not with them.

Drizzle lets you build your project the way you want, without interfering with your project or structure.

Using Drizzle you can define & manage database schemas in TypeScript, access your data in a SQL-like or relational way, and take advantage of opt in tools to push your developer experience through the roof 🤯

Headleas ORM? doc

Topic 2: Overpaying for Domains

This is a little riff on the 5 Sick Domain Registrars short, with a plash of urgency and personal failing.

Title options

🌶️ SpicyInflation is coming for your Domain NamesUrgency
🌶️ SpicyHalf-price domain names on this registrar…Urgency
🍚 MildHow to avoid paing more for domain names in 2024Informative
🍚 MildHOW MUCH was that Domain Name‽Indignance
Web developers zest for the perfect TLD, and distain for inflation.

Value/Viewer outcome:

  • Learn that many TLDs are increasing prices this year.
  • Discover Cloudflare’s zero-markup domain offering.
  • Ward off inflating costs in 2024.
  • Have a good laugh about how many domain names I own and do nothing with.

My take

Being a “domain name collector” is something I love about the web developer persona. You can poke at it and nobody feels harmed — just known. I see this as a playful celebration of our unique brand of nerd.

Take it further If this did well inshort form, I’d pitch a segment on asking famous developers what their most expensive and most ridiculous recurring domain purchases are.

  1. What’s in a (domain) name?
  2. You paid HOW MUCH for that domain?

In researching this, I came across the domain name generator category of products. Making a humorous video from this listicle could be fun :)