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Hey Syntax. × Sentry 👋

“Show. Don’t tell.”

I tried to write a cover letter, to tell you why I fit for your video role. But it felt weird not to show you.

So, in addition to my LinkedIn CV, please accept this “cover video” and list of recent projects.

Talk soon.

Storybook Video Education

For two years, I’ve developed Storybook’s approach to video education. Most of that work is found on the Chromatic YouTube channel.

We have a very small team. So I’m most proud of the framework I use to distribute multi-modal content quickly. With one script, I create a blog post, X thread, shorts, and a video (which integrated back into the docs).

React.js — The Documentary by Honeypot

For better or worse, React changed the world. Being a small part of that story is an honor.

I collaborated with Ida Bechtla to find and shape the narrative of The React Documentary. And I think it came out great 😍

Storybook day 2023

It nearly killed me but I pulled off an online conference with Chromatic teammate Varun Vachhar.

I produced the event — from creative direction to production. I worked with speakers to capture their content to the best of their ability. And I partnered with designers/editors to pull off the look, feel, and formatting of the pre-recorded “live” event.

Low-key YouTube’n

I’ve never committed to YouTube. But I enjoy exploring. My channel (@chantastic) is the best representation of my unrefined style. And the best place to see that “style” applied to tutorials, shorts, and livestreams.

The Beginner’s Guide to Storybook 7 on

In January, I’m releasing a beginner Storybook course to help designers, developers, and managers get on the same page.


The material was designed to be multi-modal: course, social campaign, and workshop.

It has been developed in public and you can see a preview of the material today.

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