Get Started with Storybook 7 — Course Introduction


  • Hey! Welcome to this crash course on Storybook 7!
  • Together we’ll develop a quick and comprehensive understanding of how to build, test, and share UI with Storybook 7.
  • By the end of this course, you’ll have built a Storybook. And if you follow thru to the end, you’ll have a hosted Storybook for your application.
  • And if you fallow along, you’ll have some practical experience to boast about to!

About me

  • I’m chantastic.
  • I’ve been teaching React for 10 years, here on egghead, YouTube, and my interview podcast, React Podcast.
  • I’ve tought all of the advanced Storybook concepts I know on the Chromatic YouTube channel and in talks around the globe.
  • But this is the first time I’ve taught Storybook for complete beginners.
  • This is the course I wish I’d had 7 years ago when I started using Storybook.


In this course, I assume that you have:

  1. A strong understanding of JavaScript.
  2. A working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  3. Absolutely no experience with Storybook. We’ll cover all that together.

About the course

  • To keep things simple, the majority of the course will happen in a cloud environment. So there’s nothing to set up!
  • We’ll cover every feature in two-passes.
    • First, we’ll explore Storybook’s sample components thru the Storybook UI.
    • Then, we’ll recreate all the stories from scratch, for some real hands-on experience.


  • I’m thrilled to share this course with you.
  • This is going to supercharge your capability as a UI developer.
  • I can’t wait to see what you and your teams build with Storybook 7.
  • Let’s get started!