Capture Interactions with Actions Addon

[React specific] [maybe use an example where I add console.log to the demo]

console.log just works, right? It sure does, but we can do better in Storybook.

Let’s use Storybook Actions to persistant console.log spies on our components.

  • In component meta, add an argTypes object
  • Add a key for the event prop you’d like to observe
  • Finally, provide an object with the action string you’d like to log.

Now the Actions Addon Panel will log onClick actions!

export default {
component: Button,
argTypes: {onClick: {action: 'onClick fired'}},

(Note: you may see a different event prop, depending on the framework you’re using. Just make sure that it matches the prop name.)

Let’s add some actions to the Page component too…

[Open the source code]

The Page uses a number of on{Events}.

export default {
component: Button,
argTypes: {
onLogin: {action: 'onLogin fired'}
onLogout: {action: 'onLogout fired'}

Now there’s one more action on this page: onCreateAccount. You’ll notice that we still see logged events, even though it’s not in the argTypes object. This is because the default install of Storybook comes with a catchall action for all events.

You can find it in .storybook/preview.js. This is the root most configuration file and any on prefixed props will be caught by this.

Update this regex to change the default behavior, or disable it entirely.

const preview = {
parameters: {
// actions: { argTypesRegex: '^on[A-Z].*' },
controls: {
matchers: {
color: /(background|color)$/i,
date: /Date$/i,