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🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

I’d like this to be a guide


+ Space - Open Raycast + K - List options for command


  1. ESC navigate back one page
  2. ⌘ ESC navigate back to main page
  3. ⌘ W open preferences
  4. ⌘ , open preferences

Beginner features to adopt

Tip: alias

Typing the alias, followed by a space, directly opens a Command, saving you an extra step

Workflows to demo in “what’s in my Raycast”

Theme: reducing friction for every day things. #lube

  • Calendar
  • Quick link for most opened VS Code projects
    • Create
    • Duplicate
  • Using quick links in tandem with Arc Flight Control to launch in-browser apps (in different profiles even)
  • Ergonomic emoji selection (tab)
  • Expense formatting with snippets
  • multi-clipboard history


  • Create a new extension for getting a VS Code url for a file path. Can this be a service? That would be dope. Maybe it’s a Shortcut or script.



Unregister these commands to utilize hyper + c

  • System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Text > - Convert Text to Simplified Chinese - Convert Text to Traditional Chinese Disable Convert Text to Simplified Chinese options

Deciding to use Raycast to track application opening/switching shortcuts.

(intereset that this also works as cmd if i’m alread in the app i intend to switch to)

  • a

  • b - browser, Arc

  • c - calendar, Calendar

  • d

  • e - editor, VS Code

  • f - finder, Finder

  • g

  • h

  • i

  • j

  • k

  • l

  • m - messenger, Messages

  • n - notes, Obsidian

  • o

  • p

  • q

  • r

  • s

  • t - terminal, Warp

  • u

  • v

  • w

  • x

  • y

  • z

  • ← - move window to left half of screen (rotates between 1/2, 2/3, 1/3 when repeated)

  • → - move window to right half of screen (rotates between 1/2, 2/3, 1/3 when repeated)

Found notes for snippet creation


To use snippets, you gotta create them first.

  • Call up the Create snippet command
  • Hit enter to open the command
  • Give it a unique name
    • Spaces are ok
  • Paste your snippet in
  • And that’s all that’s required.


  • In this box you can change rich text formatting, add links, whatever
    • I don’t personally care about that
  • But to the right you can add placeholders
    • Click this + button to make your snippets dynamic
  • Add a date, with one of the pre-selected options
    • Or use a custom date
  • We can then place the cursor too!
    • Hit + again, and place this where you’d like to place the cursore
  • You can also automatically include whatever’s in your pasteboard

Keyboard triggers

Keyboard triggers are great if you don’t want to touch Raycast at all…

Use Snippet

Import Snippet