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You Can't Do in a Month What You Won't Do in a Day

You can’t do in a month what you can’t do in a day.

I took a sabbatical this month. For 30 days, I had no work to do.

I thought I’d clean the garage, Fix my bike, Get fit, Organize two decades of photos, Refresh my video courses, And write a book.

I didn’t.

Instead, I packed more lunchboxes, Met more friend for coffee, Replied to more texts, Watched more movies, Colored more pages, Got more breaks repaired, And killed a gopher (that persistent shit).

I worked on my “projects” But I didn’t get meaningfully closer to hitting publish.


The problem isn’t time. The problem is procrastination and perfectionism. Nothing felt urgent in the first weeks. Nothing “felt right” in the last weeks. These are the same feelings I have regardless of time. Available time just spread them out.

If I can’t do it in a day, I won’t do it in month. The problem isn’t the calendar, The problem is my head meat.

I’m learning. This month is teaching me that projects are accomplished day by day. Today is all we have. And a days work is to put in the miles. Run, write, read, record, and — most importantly — hit publish. The destination will arrive, in time.

The day is young. How can you make progress on your big idea today?

💝 chantastic