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Whats in my Raycast

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.


I’ve only really been using Raycast for 2 weeks. But I used it as a calendar event launcher for years. lol


As a launcher, I love that you can use it for launching web apps.

This is great for getting out of that cycle where you get used to typing part of a domain in a search bar. But then you visit another domain with a similar name, and that starts getting prioritized. Quicklink for anything I go to a lot.

And I can also set the exact page I want.

I launch all my electron apps into the web browser.

And when working with Arc (Browser), we can use Air Traffic Control to open the correct spaces and profiles:

  • Slack | personal
  • Slack | chromatic (opens in my chromatic space and profile)

Arc Air Traffic Control routes setup

Now something I love about Raycast is how easy and discoverable everything is to manage with keyboard shortcuts.

Like, Chromatic just laid off it’s OSS DX team. So, I can delete this one 😅

⌘ k ^ x

VS Code workspaces

  • .dotfiles



  • netlify/deploys

LOVE that it’s so easy to duplicate a command from the keyboard.

”Open with…” option


I use snippets for structured text formats. I don’t have much going on but I use for expense reports a lot — where a specific format is required.

  • wellness stipend (uses new variables)

Auto-expanding snippets.

  • @@

Egghead snippet to add affiliate link.



  • Navigator/Menu Item Search.
  • Download video.
  • mdn + tab {search_term}
  • Change Display Mode. For changing my main display from 5k to 4k (recording).
  • clipboard history
  • open camera

Some ideas

  • Create a new extension for getting a VS Code url for a file path. Can this be a service? That would be dope. Maybe it’s a Shortcut or script.
  • Create extension for selecting an HTML hyperlinks. Then converting them to markdown (as a service).


  • Magnet style window drag zones. I’d be able to stop using Magnet.
  • I’d love more markdown hints
  • There’s this app that I’ve always wanted to build for podcast or lecture notetaking that has a timer and commits comments to times. I’d love to see that as a floaty note variant.