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Fix VS Code Explorer for Content Projects

The VS Code explorer displays folders at the top of a directory. This is a common hierarchy that I like it most cases.

But I hate it for content.

For content sites — like — I prefer alphabetical order. I want to see my files and folders all mixed up together.

Screenshot of the Visual Studio Code Explorer, showing several markdown posts. With explorer.sortOrder: mixed, a directory of the same name as a post appears next to a post with the same name.

How to change the setting

To change the default behavior, open Settings and find the option for Explorer: Sort Order.

Screenshot of VS Code Settings, for the option Explorer: Sort Order. Selected is the mixed option.

With this option enabled, files and folders are interwoven in the explorer.

Why I prefer mixed sort order

On, I have lots of markdown files. Some of them have images. And I want to keep those images in a folder nearby. I ain’t tryna faff with Cloudinary, or hunt down shared /assets/images folder. I want them right next to my post.

This makes it easy to keep my place on the file system.

Take it further with workspaces

As mentioned, I prefer the default sort order for most projects. So, I keep this setting stored in my workspace. And only this project is impacted by the setting.
"explorer.sortOrder": "mixed"