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The RICOH GR III is the best camera I’ve ever owned.
And that’s saying a lot because it’s always broken…

4-year vibe

The best camera is the on that's with you.
— Chase Jarvis, The Best Camera Is The One That's With You: Iphone Photography (Voices That Matter)

If the best camera is the moste available camera, this camera wins.

Of every camera I have ever owned it is:

  • The smallest…
  • With an APS-C sensor…
  • A built-in ND filter…
  • Quality film simulations…
  • And useable jpegs.

This is a potent combo.

But it also beets a phone in time to picture. It’s out of my pocket is a second, and on by the time it’s up to my face.

How it can be improved

  • Modern, phase-detect autofocus
  • More robust physical controls
  • Crop modes — spcefically 40mm

These three things would make it the perfect camera.


  • Positive Film
  • ISO 400-800 (ideal grain)
  • Under expose
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