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Panasonic LUMIX S5IIX

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Why I like this camera

Output lag and compensation

The S5II* suffers very bad output lag.

Lag improves when HDMI audio is disabled. But at it’s worst, video trails audio by 5-7 frames (on an average audio interface).

And it get’s wierd… Using the same hardware (with different software) requires slightly different offsets.

These offsets work for me, with both camera and microphone going thru RodeX Streamer X.

SoftwareFeature nameOffset
Ecamm LiveMic Delay+5 frames (167ms @30fps)
OBSSync offset+7 frames (233ms @30fps)

(Handy frame calc.)

Ecamm Live, 167ms Mic Delay

OBS, 233ms Sync Offset

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