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To my family…

To my family. Please don't read this.
— Dana Schwartz, Choose Your Own Disaster

Open your phone and search for me. Does anything come up?

If yes, this is for you.

You’re the elite few that have an actual relationship with me. So the things you see — here — may feel weird. Like I’m talking past you to someone else.

I am. But with complete sincerity.

It may feel like I’m “not the person you knew.” And I’m probably not. Hell, you’re just the person I know. So, let’s swipe left on that. We share a narrow construction of each other that I hope to change.

I want to be a fuller me and hope that gives you space to be a fuller you.

It’s ambitious — sure. And if it feels like too much, use that phone number you have. Or unfollow. I accept both for us.

I love you. And I hope to see more of you.