Chan's superpower is expressing complexity in simple ways. His talent for teaching developers is exceptional. These skills inform both product and instructional design at Chromatic.

Tom Coleman
Dominic Nguyen
CMO & Co-Founder

Chan brings fresh insight in everything he does. This is clearly visible in his outstanding educational content. Off stage, he has an outsized impact on Storybook's product direction.

Tom Coleman
Michael Shilman
Product & Technical Lead

Chan's ability to bring new perspectives to difficult problems, honed from his nuanced understanding of the wider ecosystem, is second to none. Taking those insights back into the community in simple and digestible nuggets is the icing on the cake!

Tom Coleman
Tom Coleman
CTO & Co-Founder

Chan has an uncanny ability to make folks feel comfortable in front of a mic. His is a world class video creator — breaking complex ideas down to their essence and teaching them in an engaging way.

Tom Coleman
Zoltan Olah
CEO & Co-Founder

Chan is one of those people who makes everyone around him feel better simply by existing. He's got the best energy of anyone I know. The fact that he's *also* a talented engineer, communicator, and educator is — quite frankly — kind of annoying because he's raising the bar for the rest of us. He's bringing a unique, cross-functional skill set to any team he works with. Chan is, in every way, a "builder": he builds software, he builds communities, and he builds people. Any company that hires him gains a significant advantage.

Tom Coleman
Jason Lengstorf
Developer-Focused Media Creator, Strategist, and Consultant

everyone else can speak to the technical prowess, which is top tier. i just wanna say this dude is just the best, period. there’s very few people i shit myself with excitement when i have the opportunity to see them. i shit myself the most with him. i’ll be all fucked up and get word that he’s nearby and just spring up like “where the fuck is he”. and then i find him and im like WHATS UP BITCH and touch him too much and he’s mad cool about it and just what a guy lmfao

Tom Coleman
Ken Wheeler
Software Engineer at REDACTED

My brain much prefers Chan's style to basically everything out there.

Tom Coleman
Ryan Hayes
Staff Eng/Tech Lead

I can't think of anyone in the industry I could recommend more highly than Chantastic as a developer, an educator, a leader, and a good person. 10/10

Tom Coleman
Anthony Campolo
Content at Everfund