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Stride Your Limp

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t walk with a limp — metaphorically, of course.

Losing leaves a mark.

You don’t lose, fighting winnable fights;
You lose punching above your weight class.

That’s a lot of bad sports analogies for a nerd.
Let’s bring it home…

Mindfulness teachers have a formula: Pain ⨉ Resistance = Suffering.

Pain is non-negotiable.
Suffering is optional.

Do you take pain and turn it into suffering?
Or do you accept it as a part of learning?

A limp can be a lesson learned.
And an indifference to pain has long been my prized indicator of how far someone will go to learn.

Punch up.
Take your losses.
Stride your limp with pride.

🥊 Chan
Genesis 32:22-30