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Build your own Storybook in Astro, using CSF

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

You don’t need Storybook to write stories.

When I started at Chromatic, I was using Storybook everyday to build a component library. Today, I mostly just build my website.

No shade on Storybook but I will never install Storybook to do [component driven development] here. And even if I wanted to, there isn’t an Astro integration.

But I reach for stories all the time.

What I want is stories, without the book.

What we’re going to build

Storybook is a full development environment.

This is how I think of stories, as a baseline.

  1. CSF (Meta, named exports, object syntax, play functions)
  2. pages
  3. page fragments for linking
  4. A formatted name from the named export name
  5. interface information
  6. a nested container inside


  • A default template
  • A sidebare


  • How to parse an astro component file and render that using CSF?
  • How to test test components using testing-library (vitest?)

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