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SQL Stuff (WIP)

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.


So, at the moment, I’m most interested in PlanetScale. So, this will be from the perspective of their CLI. But I expect to learn a lot of things general to SQL.

I found as a reference yor the sql stuff.

Basec setup

ok. i can only have one db on my free account. cool. but it can have 3 branches. so lets try to do some exploration in a branch.

ok. let’s add like a first name or something.


What’s the whole browser DB thing? IndexedDB

SQLite is on the mac by default. > sqlite3

Some things:

SQLite stuff


A lot of these tutorials start from the position of selecting stuff. None of them show you how to get around. The cd and ls of the SQL.

I need that sweet visibility.