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single-threaded notes, E1

Today Jenn Creighton launched single-threaded podcast. I’m thrilled 🥳

Jenn joined me on React Podcast in November and her episode is fire. Listening to it with the Discord crew unlocked new ways for us to talk about our feelings and experiences.

So, we’re getting the crew together to learn even more from Jenn, with single-threaded episode parties, Wednesdays 10am PT.

I’m amazed at how this first episode turned out. Jenn is a natural and Erin Fox is an incredible first guest.

Jenn and Erin brought the funny and I LOL’d hard. But they were remarkably candid about their career experiences.

All-in-all a killer first episode.

Quote and notes

These are not direct quotes. They are summaries, as I heard them. Listen to the full episode for accurate quotes and requisite context. The provided timestamps should get you close.

Your first insight into a company’s culture is their interview process. — Erin @0:07

You’re testing for the wrong things, if your interview process tests only for high pressure situations. — Jenn @0:08

A 5 year plan is nonsense. Ask if your [personal] aspirations match what the company is looking for — and vice-versa? — Jenn @0:12

Ask for a take-home “exception” for coding challenges. It’s almost always on option. — Jenn @0:12

Take-home challenges usually come with a time limit. Disregard it. They expect you to finish. “Yeah. I Spent about 4 hours.” In reality it was 12 and I didn’t sleep. — Erin @0:17

Don’t interview with your favorite company first. Save them for later in the process to get your interview skill back up. Erin @0:19

Interview on Thursday or Friday. People feel better those days. Everyone is sad on Monday. No Monday interviews. Erin @0:20

Sometimes, when you get rejected it’s because the company can’t properly support you and someone is looking out for you. Jenn @0:24

The more I interviewed the more I learned to not put all my eggs in one basket. It took awhile, to learn when to finally get excited, but in the end it’s worth it to wait. Erin in Discord Chat, answering how to not get attached any one position.

When you’re waiting, or handling a rejection, do a thing you’re good at. For me, that’s be baking. Erin @0:28

publishDate lots of companies @0:31

Erin’s list of questions to ask companies:

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Erin’s post on interview red flags.

When you get positive feedback, keep it in a file for your future resume. Erin @0:43

Poppy (the things you like today) can change. Erin @0:43

Follow-up questions

In our post-episode chat, I asked Erin how her experience as a baker has informed her coding career.

(personal summary, note quote)

Recipes are usually paired with a story. Stories are just as important as recipes.

Code stories don’t get passed down as much as they should. Solutions and patterns have a history that illustrates their value. It’s important to share solutions with the stories that inspired them.

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