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I use SavvyCal to let others interrupt my schedule — on my terms.



I have one link that I use for all of my scheduling:

Standard availability is used by default. Extended availability is shown via SavvyCal ranked availability.

I’m not sure that I loved ranked availability over having a separate /asap calander.

Ranked availability

  1. The "Having trouble finding times? Show more ➝" pop-in button is oddly phrased and difficult to describe to people.
  2. SavvyCal assumes that if there are no available times in your regular availability that it should show extended availability. I don’t appreciate this default.
  3. There’s no visual indication of times falling in a alternate ranks.
  4. I’d like for there to provide a message when someone tries to book a non-ideal time: “You’re scheduling a meeting in my extended availability. There is a small likelyhood that this meeting will need to be rescheduled, or take place while away from my desk.”

Standard message

I'd love to chat! Send me your fancy calendar link, if you've got one.
Here are some times that I'm available — with more on my SavvyCal:
// include SavvyCal Propsed times text

Read: Propose times

Propose times

I can generate text for available times using the propose times button, on a calendar.

This is what the output looks like

Times shown in (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time
Wednesday, January 4, 2023
9:15 am
1:15 pm
Wednesday, January 11, 2023
11:00 am
Find more times here:

This feature goes to 11 with the SavvyCal Chrome extension. The Chrome extension shows an alternate version of the calendar list with a directly available “propose time” button.


See standard message to keep it friendly.


SavvyCal can be embedded.

Install the client.

<script async src=""></script>

Creating a standard link to my calendar, with the data attribute data-savvycal-embed.

<a data-savvycal-embed href="">Schedule time with me</a>

I have an 11ty shortcode: schedule-chat

{% raw %}{% schedule-chat "Optional CTA text" %}{% endraw %}

It should produce a link like this:

{% schedule-chat “Schedule a chat with me” %}

Referenc: This help doc describes additional means of embedding.


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