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119: Henry Zhu on Building Babel

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.


  • 8:00 borrowing from comunities of the past
  • 9:00 > we like to use these universal rules
    • nadia eghbal
    • 10:00 extractive members
    • 12:00 feeling guilting not doing everything
  • 14:45 https://twitter.com/Daniel_E_Davies/status/1289948204994158592?s=20
  • weekends off as a strategy
  • ”more people are constantly available for the first time”
  • Choose not to do anything. The sabbath as an example

  • 22:00 on fundraising
  • 26:00 this isn’t what engineers were thought they were getting into but there’s a lot more than we signed up for
  • 57:30 community requires different skills than those of a programmer
  • Larry Wall quote: https://www.oreilly.com/openbook/opensources/book/larry.html
  • http://www.wall.org/~larry/pm.html
  • 30:30: it’d be easier to go get a job
    • Whenever you’re in something for a while, there’s a tug to become more jaded. And I don’t want that.
  • 32:40 movement toward integration
  • 35:00 We like to outsource our agency. I defer my decisions to FAANG
  • 36:00 chasing integration
  • 37:00 source
  • 43:00 /city — The Death and Life of Great American Cities
    • 45: sidewalk life
    • 49: focusing on a symbol of a person not a person
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deschooling_Society
    • excarnation
  • Decarht “mind boy dualism"

"The Medium is the message” — the medium says something about the community, even more so than the content itself

Everything is related to the internet

don’t blame the person, blame the process that allowed

the ammount of “religiosity” is constant

culture is warfare

  • if you want people to leave by five, you have to be the first one out the door

what is the religion of the organization?

organization as religion

what do we want to “embody” “embodyment”

essay: programming as theory building

  • when people leave, they literally take part of the program with them
  • the code isn’t just the code. it’s the shared knowledge and community
  • rebuilding the theory behind the program
    • which leads to rewrites

”the map is not the terretory” “treatury of symbols"

"lossiness as value”

capital P “progress” — inevitibility

  • singularity “religion for atheists”

truth vs historicity

diety of seasons