• Re-establish account thru varification process
  • Submit new application
  • Receive call
    • Received only voicemail, no call. Number was different than that they provided and didn’t show caller.
    • Called. Rejected do to high call volume.
    • Unable to reschedule in same day.
  • Reschedule📅 2024-02-27

Make video

  • I got laid off. And I’m excited about it.
  • But first: I’d love your help:
    1. If you think I’d be a good addition to your team, send me a link
    2. If I’ve helped you on your developer journey, send me a tweet-testemonial
      • In developer education work, these go a really lang way
  • So why am I excited?
    • I’ve never executed a job search in public before
    • And I’m excited to do it more openly this month
    • If you’re looking for a job, or think you might be, follow along to see how I tackle it
  • I’m also excited because I learned something
    • I got fired for the right reason this time
    • And that’s evidenced by all the feedback I got from Chromatic leadership on exit:
    • I did an excellent job. We just had different ideas on how to get there.
    • And I’m good with that. I left nothing on the field.
  • It’s gonna be one helluvah march
  • See ya in there


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