I’m re-writing my site in Astro. You can find my reasons for leaving 11ty here.

This page is notes on the ground-up rewrite of a blog in Astro, featuring heavily customized markdown, tag collections, a feed page, sitemap, and rss feeds.

This is not a tutorial. You won’t find elaborate step-by-step instructions, but high-level decisions and outcomes.

From starter or from scratch? #

Astro provides several ways to start a blog:

When I say “in-depth” I mean, it really seems like they’re assuming you’ve never programmed before. Fortunately, you can skip to Unit 2 and bypass all the “This is a code editor” stuff that doesn't belong in this type of tutorial.

Installation #

npm create astro@latest

This starts a cli wizard.
You'll select a starting template and typescript preferences.

You can chose between three project types:

❯   a few best practices (recommended)
    a personal website starter kit
    an empty project

I tried all of them and they cleanly do what they say on the tin.

But for this particular project (a port from a previous site), I'm looking for as little existing opinion as is reasonable.

I chose a few best practices (recommended) because it has the common folder structure of components, layouts, and pages is seem "best practice" in Astro.

╭─────╮ Houston:
│ ◠ ◡ ◠ Let's build something awesome!

astro v1.9.2 Launch sequence initiated.

✔ Where would you like to create your new project? … loose-light
✔ How would you like to setup your new project? › a few best practices (recommended)
✔ Template copied!
✔ Would you like to install npm dependencies? (recommended) … yes
✔ Packages installed!
✔ Would you like to initialize a new git repository? (optional) … yes
✔ Git repository created!
✔ How would you like to setup TypeScript? › Strict
✔ TypeScript settings applied!

next Liftoff confirmed. Explore your project!

         Enter your project directory using cd ./loose-light
         Run npm run dev to start the dev server. CTRL+C to stop.
         Add frameworks like react or tailwind using astro add.

         Stuck? Join us at

╭─────╮ Houston:
│ ◠ ◡ ◠ Good luck out there, astronaut!

"Best practices" #

An aside on "best practice."

The idea of having dedicated, root-level /components, /layouts, and /pages feels very next@old-and-busted. SvelteKit is leading innovation in file-system based routing and I'd welcome it in Astro.

So, why not SvelteKit? #

So, if I think SvelteKit is the most innovative framework, why not build my blog with SvelteKit?

That's a good question.

For those reasons, I'm willing to concede a less progressive and productive folder structure.