Do What You Can't

Last week I said you should "earn your imposter syndrome."
It was a half truth.

I don't want you to experience imposter syndrome.
But it'll find you.
When it does, I want you to know what you're fighting.

Imposter syndrome is a thief.
It says "you can't."
It tells you that you aren't enough,
That you're experience isn't valid,
That you can't rise to a challenge.

You are enough.
You experience is valid.
You will rise.

But you won't be able to convince yourself of that.
You need others to do it.
Life is team sport.

I tell people to "earn your imposter syndrome" because there's no compassion in comforting fear.
Imposter syndrome is a cancer.
You don't comfort it.
You don't appease it.
You don't learn to live with it.
You kill it.

You kill it by proving it wrong.
Casey Neistat says it best:
Do what you can't.

🚷 chan