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All the microphones I've recorded with

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

Mics to add (in order of purhase)

  • Studio Projects C1
  • SM57
    • Didn’t have a good enough preamp/interface to drive it
  • Shure PG42-USB
    • Underestimated how much room noise would be captured by this mic and how much I’d need a pop filter
  • Samson Q2U
  • Heil PR 40
    • Was really into a processed radio sound at the time. But the mic just always sounded like too much
  • Unsure the order
    • Pyle Handheld Dynamic
    • Rode M2
    • Sennheiser 416
      • This was a $1000 lesson in comb filtering in a mono recording source.
    • Audio-Technica AT875R

    • Shure SM7B
    • Ultravoice MX8500
    • CAD Equitex E100S
    • CAD Equitex E100X
    • Shure MV88
    • Rode
    • Elgato Wave 3
    • VideoMic NTG
      • Returned pretty quickly. Clear it wasn’t going to work as a distance off-camera mic in my room.
  • Shure MV7
  • Earthworks Ethos
  • MKH 50
  • Rode Wireless Pro
    • As I think thru what content looks like for me in the near future, I’m thinking about video interviews. This setup is super versital.