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My theme for 2022 is play.

Yes, it’s almost February. I take my time and I’m good with me 😊

I’ve believed that pressure is what makes me produce work. That belief is probably from my work-focused immigrant upbringing. Or maybe it’s from a pull-quote I read by a productive but unhappy designer. Wherever it came from, it’s a belief I’d like to challenge.

I’m inspired by Derek Sivers, who learned that stress earned him a mere 4% gain in his regular bike rides.

I’m inspired by creative engineers Sara Drasner, Cassidy Williams, Lynn Fisher, and Jason Lengstorf, who make play a fixture of their tech careers.

But I’m inspired most by an article from Jonny Sun:

Most rocks, I assume, don’t turn into diamonds under extreme pressure. — #17. Rock (ordinary)

Why am I pushing to be a hard diamond, when I could be a happy rock?

Let’s play!