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Video Edit Handoff



I deliver three files:

  1. Source video
  2. DaVinci Resolve project file
  3. Video Thumbnail thumbnail

Google Drive directory contents:, sample-davinci-project-file.drp, sample-video_thumbnail.png


The timeline used for primary YouTube upload.
This timeline is also used with notes to create a 2:20 cut for Twitter, and LinkedIn.
short {n}
Timelines for vertical format short-form uploads.
Used to grab stills for YouTube thumbnail.

Media pool showing one source video and five timelines: main, short 1, short 2, short 3, and thumbnail


I use markers to indicate edits, YouTube features.

🟨 Edit marker
Where to include intros and outros.
Transitions that may need to be tidied up.
Assets to display on screen.
Important visual transitions.
🟦 Chapter marker
Timestamps YouTube description.
The first blue marker is the title of the video.
🟥 YouTube upload feature
Cards, end-screen elements, preferred thumbail (#shorts).
Links (or video titles) provided where needed.
🟪 Optional cuts
These sections can be cut without meaningful loss to learning outcome.
Cut these sections first to make shorter social exports.

NOTE: Be aware that edits to the content may cause timestamps to drift. Please verify that they remained at the sections they mark.

Edit Index panel in DaVinci Resolve's Edit page. Shown are blue, orange-yellow, red, and purple markers illustrating the types of notes detailed above.

Timeline showing markers. A marker is expanded describing which end-screen videos to include. In the Notes section are titles for two videos.


SocialFHDHorizontalFirst frame
#shortsFHDVerticalSelect in YouTube mobile app