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Cross-posting to Medium

Order of opperations:

  • New Story ⤤︎
  • Copy and paste article section-by-section
    • Create code blocks and copy/paste individual code sections
  • Menu > More Settings (see table below)
  • Menu > Publish
    • Select Topics (tags). Use this UI because it shows reach.
SEO TitleAuto-title is fine
SEO Descriptiondescription
Advanced Settings: Customize Story Linkslug
Advanced Settings: Customize Canonical Linkcanonical
Use their add video button (requires YouTube link)
Featured Video
Drag to top (automatically becomes feautered image)
Code blocks
Code blocks are a cluster
  • Best to copy blocks one-by-one
  • Use add code button { } (not </>)
  • Copy from post (Using copy button)
  • Select language that matches the state languge
    • Bay be inferred from presented filename or can be found in Markdown


Code blocks:

  • have a version that disables expressive-code?
  • strip out \n from code blocks? (Medium-only solution)
  • generate an RTF file?
  • use the API?