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What I'm doing now

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

Epic React 2

I am developing a new Epic React with friends Kent C. Dodds, Joel Hooks, Taylor Bell, and the Skill Recordings crew.

Epic React is the best way for professional React developers to level up their skills. We’re taking it to the next level with TypeScript, a new workshop experience, Next.js + Server Components, and a fresh lineup of expert interviews.

DX Engineer at Chromatic

I work as a DX engineer at Chromatic. I produce video education on Storybook.

Learning video production

My current path is video production.

After a few years of podcasting and microphones, I wanted to learn more about video production.

I’m making videos (when I can) on YouTube.

Where you can find me

I’m most active on X, and YouTube, and in the lunchdev Discord Server.

lunchdev is a Discord community for creative, curious, and kind coder-creators.