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An unsubscribe isn’t a breakpup. They just want some degree of additional distance.

This is a good chance to direct someone to other channels that may fit their preferences better.


GMB Fitness' "no prob" email

GMB fitness has my favorite unsubscribe page yet.

  • Instant confirmation: ✅ You got it!
  • Assurance that affirms product ownership: You will still recieve product related updates for programs you currently own.
  • Confident, non-defensive tone
  • Directs to YouTube channel

I unsubscribed to the newsletter and immediately subscribed to the YouTube channel.

# ✅ You got it!
You've been successfully unsubscribed. It may take a few days for our system to fully update.
After that, you"ll no longer receive newsletter or promotional emails from us.
(You will still receive product related updates for programs you currently own.)
As always, feel free to make use of our free tutorials and training guides (here are some of the best). We’re always making new stuff to help you get stronger and move better, and it usually ends up on our YouTube channel.