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I’m stressing out about mentions

I’m watching Rise of Skywalker with my 9yo
He’s freaking out that — after 6 movies — Chewie “finally got his medal” and I’m thinking about twitter mentions

I’ve heard that “once you pass 10k followers, you lose control over mentions”
You mentions join the timeline as a stream of information that’s constantly running by you

It sure feels true

I’m no social influencer
If you saw my mentions for a day you’d probably think “yo, I could knock these out over lunch”

I’m sure you could
But I can’t — I like lunch

I like leaving my phone in the car when out to dinner
And most nights, I turn my phone (literally) off between 9pm and 9am I enjoy the full spectrum of in-person interaction and I hate what social has done to that

So, why am I stressing out about mentions?

I promised myself that I’d be the guy who responds earnestly as positively to everything I could
If some is kind enough to engage, I should be kind enough to reply

I still believe that
But this silent rule has been hurting me for months
It’s keeping me from writing what I want to write, sharing things I that believe are helpful, and giving my full attention to life’s great moments (Chewie’s medal)

Nothing good last forever
We had a good run, mentions But I’m letting you go

I’m sorry if my silence makes you feel snubbed — That’s never my intention
I just have things to create and moments to savor