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Make a Foul

“I want to see you make a foul!”

I yell that at Rock every time he runs onto the soccer field.

Truth is, he’s incapable of it. He lacks the killer instinct required for competitive sports. It’s like me asking him to punch a friend in the face.

I was the same way But — in the 28 year between us — I’ve learned that success often requires something that we’re unwilling to give.

For me, that’s wasting people’s time and attention.

This morning, I woke up to a flood of emails with largely identical text: “hey, did you mean to send this? It seems unfinished…”

Hundreds of people got a placeholder email from me because I took a class on email marketing, created a landing page, wrote part of an email sequence, and never finished emails 3-5.

Of course, I scheduled all of them — as a means of forcing myself to finish — and they went out unfinished.

In my book, spam is always a foul. And I feel ashamed to have made that foul. But I’m glad I took the risk and I trust the process.

Looks like I have a few emails and apologetic responses to write…

⚽️ chan

Make any fouls this week? Hit reply. I’d love the company 😅