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Life is Right Now

I’m in bed with the flu.
I’ve been here for 6 days.
For that entire time I’ve been quarantined to my office — keeping the rest of my family from the same fate.

I hear everything happening —
Stories being read,
Games being played,
Neighbors visiting —
But I’m not taking part in any of it.

I’m back here doing work, watching seasons of television I’ve missed, and thinking about death.
I think about relatives who passed and how — toward the end — they became mentally or physically detached from their lives.
And that scare the shit out me. But it’s a great reminder.

Right now I have health and family — a once in a lifetime adventure.
There is always work to done,
There is always TV to catch up on,
And there is always death.
But life is right now.

When I get out of this bed I plan join my family and knock the pants off the remaining weeks of summer.

Care to join me?

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