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Start Storybook in an Interactive Online Playground


[Screen: StackBlitz homepage]

To start, we’re going to spin up a full Storybook environment on StackBlitz — a cloud coding environment.


Here you’ll find a collection of Storybook sandboxes.

A Storybook sandbox is a ready-to-code environment composed of a UI library, language, builder, and framework.

I’ll use React/JavaScript/Vite for this course.
But you don’t have to use React. Choose the one that best suits your fancy. The lessons in this course are intended to work across all Storybook sandboxes.

You should see three panels:

Storybook Sandboxes initialize with sample stories. We’ll use these files to learn about Storybook UI.

For now, I just want you to locate them.

In the file explorer, look for a /stories directory. In my React—Vite sandbox, that directory is src/stories. If you chose a different sandbox, the stories may be in a different parent directory.

Open a the primary button story in both the code editor and browser panels. Make a modifacation to the text to see an immediate change in Storybook.

[label: “Fun times with chantastic”]

Now we’re set up with your first Storybook sandbox!