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⚛️🎄#1: Next's awkward teen years…, 2022

Next.js just entered it’s awkward teen years 🤓

If you create a Next 13 app today, you won’t see any of the new React 18 enabled features. And that’s because they aren’t there…

John Travolta looking for the new app directory

This caught me by surprise my first time thru. But the all-new app directory is experimental. This can mean a lot of things — bugs, poor integrations, etc. But most importantly, it means that these features are subject to change. The things we learn this month could look very different by the time they are considered “stable” and dependable.

But that shouldn’t scare us away. Even when things change, we’ll have learned a lot along the way.

Check out the lovely new beta docs and find the CLI flag that will generate an experimental app with a /app scaffold:

npx create-next-app@latest --experimental-app

Get an app started today and check out the docs. Tomorrow we’ll look at the controversial new router 🚏

🐦 chantastic

Which experimental feature are you most excited about. Just hit reply and let me know in Discord.