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#8: Replace the legacy render callback, pt 2, 2021

Yesterday we learned a simple way to replace React 17’s render callback. Today I want to cover another recommendation that is more invasive.

This approach is neat because it provides your callback with a reference to the rendered element — something not possible with the legacy root API.

But it involves modifying our component to take a callback prop and apply it as a ref.

function App({ callback }) {
return <div ref={callback}>…</div>
callback={(ref) => console.log(“renderered”, ref)}

This approach requires that we change our components. This can be especially invasive if our application mounts multiple root-level components.

So, I’d avoid it unless you have a good use for the returned ref.

While not recommended by the React core team, I explored 3 additional render callback alternatives with the Lunch Dev crew. Check out the stream replay on YouTube for additional options that are less invasive.

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