lessons/ reactholiday / 2021

#2: React to the future, 2021

React makes future versions of React available for installation. These future versions represent the React Core team’s vision for the future and are subject to change. To communicate the volitlity of each version, React Core use tag aliases. These are the versions you can install and the inherant risk of each.


The beta tag indicates the lowest risk. Included features have been carefully considered and reviewed by React Core and the community. These features are unlikely to change much.


The next tag is more permissive than beta. next can include alpha releases. Included features are still being polished and may change significantly.


The experimental tag makes no guarantees about safety. APIs can change wildly from version to version without explanation. Included features may never be released.

In this course we’ll use the beta tag alias. This gives is the most likely view of an eventual version of React 18. Take a moment to upgrade one of your projects to React 18 beta. Tomorrow we’ll explore the new root API.

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