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#15: I failed to find a small transition demo…, 2021

I’m won’t lie. I’ve tried all month to find a email-size demo for startTransition that worked well on all machines.

Turns out it’s really hard.

If you don’t believe me, check out these demos in the React Working group discussions.

But my failure to find a small, manageable demo is informative. Performance problems in a React app can be boiled down into two camps:

  1. I/O (or network)
  2. Compute (or hardware)

React transitions are designed solve both problems. But I/O (network) is much easier to make generally understandable demos for. As we explore, know that the same transition APIs that we’ll use for data-fetching can be applied to compute-heavy functions.

For tomorrow, I’ve setup a minimal Suspense for data-fetching example StackBlitz. This will be the basis for all future lessons. Take it for a spin, explore the code and read the comments, and hit reply if you have any questions 😊

🐦 chantastic