lessons/ reactholiday / 2021

#1: React 18's gradual adoption strategy, 2021

React 18 has done something amazing.

If you install React 18, right now, and change no code, your app will work exactly as it does on React 17.

The only change you’ll see is a development-only console message warning that you are in a compatibility mode.

React Core calls this their gradual adoption strategy. And it has powerful implications. It empowers us and strategically adopt the new features and performance improvements of React 18 selectively. We can enable it by route, by environment, or even subset of users. And we’ll cover how in these first two weeks.

Take a moment to look up the React package on npm. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about versions and what they mean.

🐦 chantastic

P.S. If you’re brand new to React, check out React Holiday 2019. This YouTube playlist is 25 2min videos that cover all the core features of react in less than an hour.