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A Beginner's Guide to React: Outline

  1. A Beginners Guide to React Introduction
  2. Create a User Interface with Vanilla JavaScript and DOM
  3. Create a User Interface with React’s createElement API
  4. Rendering children with CreateElement
  5. Create a User Interface with React’s JSX syntax
  6. Use JSX effectively with React
  7. Render two elements side-by-side with React Fragments
  8. Create a Simple Reusable React Component
  9. Validate Custom React Component Props with PropTypes
  10. Understand and Use Interpolation in JSX
  11. Rerender a React Application
  12. Style React Components with className and inline Styles
  13. Use Event Handlers with React
  14. Manage state in a React Component with the useState hook
  15. Manage side-effects in a React Component with the useEffect hook
  16. Use a lazy initializer with useState
  17. Manage the useEffect dependency array
  18. Create reusable custom hooks
  19. Manipulate the DOM with React refs
  20. Understand the React Hook Flow
  21. Make Basic Forms with React
  22. Make Dynamic Forms with React
  23. Controlling Form Values with React
  24. Using React Error Boundaries to handle errors in React Components
  25. Use the key prop when Rendering a List with React
  26. Lifting and colocating React State
  27. Make HTTP Requests with React
  28. Handle HTTP Errors with React
  29. Install and use React DevTools
  30. Build and deploy a React Application with Codesandbox, GitHub, and Netlify
  31. A Beginners Guide to React Outro