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This week, Basecamp announced HEY — a new email service. To get an invite, you have to send a story about email.

I thought mine was cute-ish. So here it is:

Nellie and I were serious about each other from the start. We had baggage — everyone does.

We knew we couldn’t be casual about the details. But we didn’t want to overwhelm our young relationship with “the big stuff”.

So, we committed to enjoying each other in person — calm, fun, positive dates only. We relegated “the big stuff” to email.

Email gave us time to think about big things… Would we find a new church together? Had I wrapped up my previous relationships up well? Had we voted and for whom? Would we both keep working as kids came? Did we want kids?

Email gave us a space to calmly discuss the foundation of our future relationship, While enjoying the moment of our present relations. As our relationship got stronger, fewer conversations felt “too big” to have in person.

We’re 14 years in love, now. We don’t email much anymore but I’m glad we had that space. Email helped us foster a habit of communicating thru “the big stuff”.

💌 chan

What’s your email story?