Git log

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git log # basic git log
Terminal window
git log --graph

—graph Draw a text-based graphical representation of the commit history on the left hand side of the output. This may cause extra lines to be printed in between commits, in order for the graph history to be drawn properly. Cannot be combined with —no-walk.

This enables parent rewriting, see History Simplification above.

This implies the —topo-order option by default, but the —date-order option may also be specified.

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git log --abbrev-commit

—abbrev-commit Instead of showing the full 40-byte hexadecimal commit object name, show only a partial prefix. Non default number of digits can be specified with “—abbrev=” (which also modifies diff output, if it is displayed).

This should make “—pretty=oneline” a whole lot more readable for people using 80-column terminals.

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git log --pretty=oneline

—pretty[=], —format= Pretty-print the contents of the commit logs in a given format, where can be one of oneline, short, medium, full, fuller, reference, email, raw, format: and tformat:. When is none of the above, and has %placeholder in it, it acts as if —pretty=tformat: were given.

See the “PRETTY FORMATS” section for some additional details for each format. When = part is omitted, it defaults to medium.

Note: you can specify the default pretty format in the repository configuration (see git-config(1)).

Show PRETTY FORMATS section.