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👋 Hi!

We haven’t talked in a while. That’s my fault.

If this the first time I’ve emailed you, I’m chantastic. This is a dialogue about adulting, career, head-meat, and web development.

Today’s about picking after failure. I started this newsletter with a goal of 20 posts in the first month and weekly posts after that. As of today, that would have been 54 posts.

I did 7.

I was tempted to pretend like I never started — Leave your email in the ether of this abandoned account forever — Avoiding the awkward “Hey, remember me? I’m the guy who invited you here before realizing he was afraid of writing” email. The email I’m writing now.

I’m glad I failed. It means I did something new, Something unsustainable for me. That’s way better than masterfully pulling off the same-same all day.

I’m excited to talk with you again. I’ve missed you.

So, what are you hiding from? What have you started but abandoned? Can you embrace shame and start again?

Pick it back up. Let’s continue together.

Your friend,