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Earn Your Imposter Syndrome

“I’m getting into the field, how do I overcome my imposter syndrome?”

I get this question a lot and my response is pretty tough:

You can’t have imposter syndrome; you have to work first. You have to be objectively qualified before you can be incorrect in feeling unqualified.

Too harsh? Maybe; I just see it as math.

Imposter syndrome is for people who have a proven track record but can’t escape the nagging belief that they’ll be discredited as a fraud.

If you aren’t winning, who cares that you cheated?

Being afraid to fail isn’t imposter syndrome, it’s just fear.

”Fortune favors the bold” — Virgil

You earn imposter syndrome by failing so fiercely that repeated success feels like an unconscionable fluke. Imposter syndrome the reward of the courageous.

Don’t coddle yourself. Win and earn your imposter syndrome.

🎭 chan