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Don't Go It Alone

My dad taught me to trust no one.
”Taught” might be an understatement — he embedded it into the DNA of Chan.

Back in his 20s, my dad’s business partner/cousin bankrupted him.
He never recovered
And — ‘til the day he died — dad told us to “go it alone.”

That legacy hasn’t served me well.
People who perform at a high level never get there alone.

Athletes have coaches.
Directors have producers.
CEOs have advisors.
Even the The Loan Ranger had Scout.

I’ve been unpacking my reliance on self this year — trusting others with things that are important to me.

It started by trusting The Spec Network with my podcast.
And together, we published 48 episodes.
I think we’ll cross 1M downloads before the year ends.

Last month, I continued the trend by trusting egghead with a programming course I developed.
Work that might have forever stayed locked away in my head.

This has been my most productive and fulfilling year yet
And I owe it all to the folks I’ve trusted.

Don’t go it alone.

👯‍♂️ Chan

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