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Don't Be Timid

People are simple. They want to see you win or crash and burn trying.

So, don’t be timid.

If you want to entertain people, Remember that you don’t matter. Attempts to protect your precious ego make you boring.

Crowds don’t show up for you. They show up for them. You just represent who they want to be: Bold, confident, unrelenting, up for anything, the voice of reason…

They already own timidness. They’ve got closets full of it — Covering and grounding their ambition. But they watch and wait to see what happens to you. Maybe it could happen to them.

Will you be praised or punished? Crowned or crucified? Raised or ruined?

Who knows? But you don’t wait to find out. Hell or high water, You are you.

No apologies. No excuses. Bounty or bruises, You show up. You do you.

Keep doin’ you.

🤕 chan