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10. Use expressive-code for enriching code blocks progressively



Code blocks should have certain ergonomics.

  • copy-pasteable
  • file-name clearly destinguished from code (where appropriate)
  • diffs with language support
  • highlights

But these need to be done in a way that is progressive. Any enhancements should be ignored by markdown-processors I don’t control (, Notion, StackOverflow, GitHub, etc.) This ensures that visitors to my site get a great experience but snippets don’t have to re-formatted to be useful elsewhere.

The Astro docs use expressive-code, which supports shiki. It currently provides two discrete plug-ins that allow me to do everything stated above.

You can find examples of my intended use-cases at


Use expressive-code via the first-class Astro integration.


Tailwind prose needs additional styles to make figure > code look like code.