A chantastic guide to the creator starter kit

Don’t overthink your first content/streaming setup.
As you learn you’re style, you’ll learn what you do or don’t like in your equipment.

Your first setup, needs to work reliably and give you the space to explore.

This is a $1500-ish setup that I would happily buy today. You don’t need all of it, either. Buy in the order listed below.


The microphone

The FiFine k688 is an Shure SM7B “clone” that gets you 80% of the sound and features at 1/6th the price.

Here’s what I like:

  • Insanely cheap
  • Sounds good
  • Included shock mount
  • Included audio interface
  • Accepts XLR, when you’re ready to upgrade to a pro interface

Things I don’t like but don’t matter:

  • Feels cheap
  • Not heavy enough to be mounted on traditional boom arms

The mic stand

Because the FiFine k688 is light, you need a boom that uses friction over tension. The FiFine LP boom arm is great for the price.

There’s no point in upgrading this if you want to shell out $500+ for an [O.C. White boom arm].

The camera

The Canon R50 kit is the best value I’ve found.

Things I like:

  • 4k@30 recording, no crop
  • Built-in webcam option (at 1080p), no capture card needed The kit lens is good enough, with a good zoom range
  • Great image quality, out-of-the-box
  • Reliable autofocus

Things I don’t like:

  • The USB-c can’t power the device and charge it simultaneously. You have to use a dummy battery.

The light

The Amaran 60d S is a helluvah light. And more than you need for an interior seens. I run my keylight at 20%.

The Apurture Light Dome SE is the most compact softbox I’ve found with decent enough diffusion for desk work.

Your desk will determine how you end up standing up the light.

All the links here are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them, I’ll get a small percentage of your purchase. If that’s unacceptable to you, use the product names to run your own search.