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I’m always on the hunt for contrast. It’s why I like comedy-horror so much. The juxtaposition of a hero spitting jocose one-liners, while being dismembered… it just hits.

Our curse is that every thing becomes every day.

Climbing Mt. Everest is a lifetime goal for many. But for a sherpa, it’s a day job. By contrast, a sherpa’s lifetime goal may seem comparatively banal to us.

So, contrast is the antidote… right?

If so, how do we keep contrast? How do we assemble adversity? Do we chase chaos — churning the waters by constantly changing course. Do we dive into depravation — duping our brains into delight by self-denial? Or do we follow fundamentalists — foraging for fixation by going farther and finding fresh insights?

None. We embrace complexity.

We’re capable of struggling on one axis of life and thriving on another.

And while I pine for a sugary, static, undisrupted life… its complexity that keeps contrast high — across experiences.

Framed as a comedy-horror: I may have lost a hand to an army evil dead, But I’ve still got a biting whit.

“Come get some.”

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