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Clipboard API

🌱 This post is in the growth phase. It may still be useful as it grows up.

Complete example for text

let copyTrigger = document.getElementById("copy_body_button");
let copyContent = document.querySelector("main");
copyTrigger.addEventListener("click", () => {
// Create a new clipboard item
const item = new ClipboardItem({
// The clipboard item can hold multiple formats
// In this case we're encoding the body as HTML for use with CMD+V (paste)
"text/html": new Blob([copyContent.innerHTML], { type: "text/html" }),
// And we're encoding a plaintext version for use with CMD+ALT+V (paste without formatting)
"text/plain": new Blob([copyContent.innerText], { type: "text/plain" }),
// Push it to the clipboard and handle success/failure signals
function () {
console.log("Async: Copying to clipboard was successful!");
function (err) {
console.error("Async: Could not copy text: ", err);