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Caring Can't Get You Control

Ruby’s been fighting cancer for 5 years.

She won some kind of shit lottery.
Born 14 weeks premature, she recovered to start chemotherapy only weeks after her due publishDate.
Retinoblastoma took half of her vision.
And, as that treatment wrapped, she was diagnosed with another tumor causing mutation — neurofibromatosis.

There are pretty much 0 kids with both.
So, her doctors aren’t sure what to expect for her.

I hate talking about it.
I hate thinking about it.
I hate writing about it.
But, it’s the day after exams and writing about anything else feels disingenuous.

I like sharing directives.
But there aren’t directive with cancer.
You show up and you’re along for the ride.
You fight but
Caring can’t get you control.

Today, I’m just serving some realness.
I’m in the shit with you.
We’ll break thru together 🤗

🏥 chantastic Psalm 139:7-12