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Say What You See

January 15, 2020

Pamela Stambaugh changed my life.

I met her while filling an employment gap.
I was picking up bookkeeping odd jobs after being laid off.

Pamela required that I take an aptitude test as part of the interview — she's a career consultant.

She called me with the results and said:
"Michael, I'd never trust someone of your personality with my books. I've already hired someone else. But is accounting really you? I doubt it. I need someone to organize my business and build me a website. I'd be happy to hire you for those things."

That was my first web development job.

It shocks me — to this day — that an absolute stranger changed my life.

I'd been toying with the dream of programming for years.
But during that period, I was surround by people encouraging me to "stick with what you know" and "play it safe".

Pamela just said what was obvious.
She changed my life by saying what she saw and making a small investment in that unrealized potential.

"You're doing the wrong work. Do this instead."

I've worked hard to Say What I See in others —
Bearing witness to the obvious. I'm always amazed at what the can do for people.

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