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My $500 lesson on copyright

September 07, 2018

If you want to protect your work, You need to do three things.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. This isn't legal advice. This is just what I remember paying a lawyer \$500 to tell me. Ask a lawyer for the full scoop.

Good? Let's continue

Register your work. Registered work is easier to protect. has a page for registering your work.

Protect your work. Take down work that violates your copyright. Enforce attribution for licensed work. Put it in writing. Your diligence builds a strong case that you value your work.

Get paid for your work. Intend to collect damages? You must prove lost earnings. Get your analytics in place. Know what each infringement costs you in dollars. Lost twitter followers are worthless.

That's what I got. Do you have lessons that cost you a lot of money to learn?

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